Thermo-treatment is a natural way of enhancing wood that does not use chemicals or other additives, only heat and water vapor. Therefore, the wood is well suited to living spaces and the production process itself is environmentally friendly, without harmful waste.

During thermo-treatment, wood acquires many valuable properties

Wood becomes more stable, durable and wear-resistant and deforms minimally.
The wood becomes lighter and easier to handle.
The moisture content of the wood decreases, as does the thermal conductivity, thanks to which it is especially suitable for hot and humid rooms.
Thermo-treatment furnishes wood with a beautiful brown colour and emphasises its texture. Depending on the degree of treatment and the type of wood, the shade may be darker or lighter.

High-tech heat treatment equipment

Standwood is the first in Estonia to use an innovative thermo-treatment chamber based on vacuum technology, which achieves standards of excellence and adds further value to carefully selected hardwood.

For thermo-treatment the high-tech WDE Maspell patented solution is used. 

The top picture shows the Standwood heat treatment chamber in the Italian factory just before leaving to Estonia.

These devices treat wood under vacuum at 190-230 °C without the addition of chemicals. The closed environment ensures a well-controlled, stable and high-quality processing process that is more water and energy efficient and safer than conventional equipment.


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